Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Junior Prom 2010

Well I am finally posting again. My mom has been nagging me to put pictures on my blog for her and my dad to see... So I put one of her on as well:) (really my mom doesn't nag, but she sure looks cute with Lacee in the upper right hand corner.)
Lacee went with Jordan to the Prom and had a great time. She won first attendant and looked amazingly beautiful. Thanks to Alison who was our hairstylist and photographer for the night. I think Angela took a few too:) I smile because there were nearly 200 pictures taken! Thank goodness for digital photography.
(I think I have 2 pictures from my prom!)
The whole event was fun; from her getting asked, shopping for a dress (the very next day), answering with the local law enforcement, getting ready, taking pictures, the promenade, and waiting for her to get home so we could hear all about it.

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Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Date...

Isaac Marble took Lacee to the dance. He is a senior and is in her seminary class. They went with 10 other couples and it was a great group. I hope she has lots of fun. We should find out in about 2 hours! I can't wait! :)
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Here is one more picture that I love from Alison's camera. Lacee had two camera's snapping pictures!
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All Dressed UP!

Lacee was asked to the Red and White Dance and it's tonight! She went on a picnic in the afternoon and then came home to get ready. We had a blast getting her ready and taking lots of pictures before her date arrived! It has been so fun to get everything for the dance. It makes me excited for when I will have 2 to help get ready. Thanks Alison for the great hair style!
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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Weird Kids!

Here are Devin and his crazy friends at his party! They put food coloring in their mouths and colored their tongues. Even the girls did it! I am always amazed at how they entertain themselves. They played basketball, drank eggs??, went to an abandoned house and wrestled. Devin said the girls mostly talked. I am not sure what he wanted them to do :)
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Sierra and Amelia had a party for their birthday. They decorated frames, ate lots of food and took pictures to put in their frames. It was a fun, cute group of girls.

I had to throw in the picture of Sierra, Lacee and Amelia because I love how they look so happy together!

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It's official! They are 13! (Okay they turned 13 on May 6th and I am just barely posting.) I can't believe they are teenagers. Sierra was born first and Amelia came 36 min. later.
has turned into this outgoing tall energetic young woman whom I love so much. Everyone has always said that she looks just like me and if you look at my pictures she does! (I'm sorry Sierra!) Amelia came by C-section and they shoved her little round face into mine and then whisked her to the NICU. I have always said that it was good that I was able to see her because I might of not believed this little round-faced girl belonged in our family! (We are all long faced!) Amelia has always been her own person. I have always said she was a free spirit and I love that about her. What a lucky thing it was to have two healthy little girls born into our family. I feel even luckier having two fun-loving, text-loving, cell phone-loving, boy(ugh)-loving, friend-loving, family-loving...(mom-loving?) teenage girls in our family.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sophomore Class President!

Congratulations to Devin who was 'elected' class president. (two weeks ago... okay I know I am bad!) The quotations are because no one actually ran against him. He kinda felt bad, but relieved. I was really glad because we did not have to make posters or badges! He has done a great job this year as student body president in middle school and I know he will be amazing next year!
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lacee's first DANCE!!

On March 14th Lacee went to her first dance. She took Scott, a new boy at her school. She asked him by putting 100 balloons in his room. He answered her by sending a pizza to our house. The theme for the dance was Desperado and so the couples dressed up western and had a fun time eating dinner at our house, playing games, and then going to the dance. I can't believe it is starting! I am so glad that she chose to go. She will have so many great memories if she continues to stay involved.

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Well as usual my vacations last much longer that normal and so I am back again! We had a great trip with Sierra and Amelia to Orlando the first week in March. The weather was perfect. We spent most of our time in Walt Disney World. We also went to the Orlando Temple and the girls were able to do baptisms. It is a beautiful temple! I loved being with Sierra and Amelia! They are amazing young ladies. It took them about a day to get used to the idea that this trip was all about them... Sometimes I don't think they get enough attention in our home :(. We need to really work on that! Everyone survived at home. (I think) Thanks to wonderful grandparents and Lacee for taking care of things while we were away!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Lacee got her license yesterday. She was so excited. I let her miss some of school to go get it. The weather was horrible, but she took 'her' van to school. I loved it because she was able to take care of some errands for me.

Okay so I had to take pictures of her driving... away! She just laughed at me.
This growing up thing can really be bitter-sweet.

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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sweet Sixteen Bash!

After watching Bear River beat Logan in a nail biter Basketball Ball game. (WOO HOO! They are Region Champs!) About 40 or so of Lacee's friends came over to celebrate her birthday. Todd and I had decided that this should be a big deal and so we let Lacee tell all her friends to come. We had pizza (9 Large!) cake and ice cream and snacks. It was loud, crazy, and crowded! But what great kids they all were. The party wrapped up around 12:00, but there were a few that stayed longer. I think Lacee had a great time. Devin stayed for a little while and then went over to his friend's house. Sierra and Amelia loved seeing all Lacee's friends (especially the boys). Caleb helped with food- okay he ate it! Jacob provided the entertainment- death defying light saber action! He was in his element! It was a FUN night.
Thanks to all the great kids that came and made it a special night for Lacee!

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